Friday, January 07, 2011

Craig's Catechism (1581)

The Difference Between the Law and the Gospel

Q. Where does the difference come from?
A. From the Spirit who is joined with the Gospel, and not with the Law.
Q. What follows from this?
A. The Law commands, but it gives no strength.
Q. What does the Gospel do?
A. It freely gives all that it requires of us.
Q. What other difference is there between them?
A. The Law has no compassion on sinners.
Q. What about the Gospel?
A. It offers mercy only to sinners.
Q. What other difference is there?
A. In the manner of our justification.
Q. What does the Law demand in our justification?
A. Our own perfect obedience.
Q. What does the Gospel demand?
A. Faith only in the obedience of Christ Jesus.
Q. Does the Gospel favor the transgression of the Law?
A. No, it gives strength to obey the law.

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