Friday, June 20, 2008


The current fluctuations in our still-growing economy do not make for another Great Depression, by any means (via The Best of the Web by James Taranto):
No Starbucks in Hooverville

How dire is America's economy? The Associated Press reports on how our countrymen are suffering:

"For Michelle Hovis, that means refilling her husband's used soda container from a 2-liter bottle she buys on sale for 98 cents. She tweaked his daily habit of buying a 20-ounce bottle when the price crept up to $1.39."
For shame. And then there's this:
And this isn't the worst of it: "Taxis, mocha lattes and sports cable packages aren't even options for those who are suddenly out of a job."
They were not an option for me, either, in the days leading up to seminary. They aren't now either. In fact, they never really should have been. They are all "treats."

I don't deny that there are plenty of folks experiencing economic hardship. There always are, but having to cut back on $4 lattes is frankly just an exercise in self-control, which is character trait generally in short supply in an economy and culture like ours.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Then I wonder what my uncle is thinking after buying a huge motor home (once owned by a NASCAR driver) and looking at buying a Hummer to pull behind. I guess one gas guzzler isn't enough for him. I wonder if he will cut back on his lattes after the Hummer.