Tuesday, November 27, 2007


After reading this interesting post by Nathaniel Peters, I decided to check out Stephen Colbert's interview of Fr. James Martin talking about Mother Teresa here.

Here's an easy link if you're interested in purchasing the book Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light.

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  1. Hi Chris -

    I'm Sallie Watson, a trustee from APTS and former interim Associate Pastor at Wasatch; got to meet you briefly at your graduation (where I recognized your parents!).

    Noodling around on the PCUSA "font and table" website, I just found the fabulous picture you took in the Portland sanctuary. That was the church which ordained me in 1987 - I was pastor there for about 2 years. It brings back some great memories, and I'm glad that you're there to serve them in this inbetween time for you.

    I'm not exactly commenting on today's blog entry, but I've been looking everywhere for an email address for you, and finally am settling for this! I'd love to visit with you some time about Portland and how things are going there. I'm not at all sure who'd be left around that might still remember me, but (as I was told the night I was ordained there), you never forget the church that ordained you. It's true. I'd love to make a copy of your photo for my "archives" - is that okay with you?

    Thanks so much, and best to you and Sara and you seek a call!

    Sallie (now in Bonham Texas, about 60 mi north of Dallas)