Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SoCal Fires - Witness to the Resurrection

Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you; (1 Pet 3:15 NRSV).

Keep that verse in mind as you read this interview of The Reverend Gregory Hughes (Malibu Presbyterian Church). All pastors should be ready for just such a press event [via Hannity and Colmes].
COLMES: Pastor Hughes, let's talk about what happened at your church, a 60-year-old church, [that's] been around for a long time, not the first time you've experienced this kind of thing, but this was devastating for you. What did you go through over the weekend?

FATHER GREG HUGHES, LOST CHURCH IN FIRES: Well, it has been devastating. We were preparing for worship services on Sunday morning. And to turn around and see the church demolished by the fire was devastating. It felt like the wind got knocked out of us. But our congregation is resilient. We'll rebuild. We'll regroup.

COLMES: As I understand it, you were called to the church and went to the church. You thought things would be OK. At a certain point, you had to evacuate. Tell us about that moment where you knew you had to leave.

HUGHES: Yeah, we got there about 6:30. The flames were not yet approaching the church. We thought it was safe. A fire truck said we were safe, so we went in, retrieved computers, hard drives, papers. And then when the police vehicle came through and said we needed to evacuate, and by the time we got out, there were embers that were flying over our heads. So we knew it was a desperate situation. Things and winds had changed.

OLIVER NORTH, GUEST CO-HOST: Reverend Hughes, let me — a quick question for you. Is there any materials that could have been used or might be used in the rebuilding of your church that would make it less likely that this kind of thing happens in the future?

HUGHES: Oh, I'm sure. You know, I don't know what those are. I'm not a builder or an architect, but I'm sure we'll rebuild it differently. It's a 60-year-old structure, you know, things have changed.

NORTH: What are you going to do in the interim?

HUGHES: Well, you know, we're an Easter Faith people, so you know on Friday, it looked like things were bleak for Jesus, but we saw that Jesus rose again. And our church is a resurrection church. We'll gather again. We're going to regroup again. We're right now in the process of finding an appropriate location for us to meet where we can all gather together.

The community here in Malibu has been tremendous. The synagogue has offered help, Pepperdine [University], everywhere, I mean, all of the other churches. So we're going to find a place where we can meet, and we'll regroup and re gather. And we believe that we'll be stronger as a result of this.
Rev. Hughes obviously knows what a church is, and it's not the building wherein the church meets for worship.

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