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Wedding Stories: On I-90 Eastbound

On I-90 Eastbound
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I haven't posted in awhile due to my recent wedding. There are lots of stories to share, however, and here is one of them.

Rudy (my best man) and I drove to Sioux Falls the morning of the wedding to purchase some bread for the Lord's Supper later that day. We were not four miles away from the Luverne exit when his rental vehicle developed a flat tire.

Rudy immediately called the Avis roadside assistance number, and a flat-tire fixer was dispatched from nearby Hills, Minnesota. We began waiting.

While we were waiting, a patrol car pulled in behind us, lights a-flashin'. The officer got out of the car, and the following conversation ensued:

Officer: "So, what are you guys doing out here?"

The Groom (Me - Looking at the obviously flat tire): "My buddy here got a flat tire. We're waiting on some help."

Officer: "So, is someone coming?"

Me: "Uh, yes."

Rudy: "This is a rental car. I called their roadside assistance line, and they've sent a tow truck."

Officer: "From Luverne? Or Hills?"

Rudy: "Hills. I think it was [name of company]."

Officer: "Oh. Yeah, [name of company]. Okay."

Whereupon the officer backed his car up about 150 feet, and kept watch, lights a-flashin' the whole time.

In the state Minnesota, as in many states, when an officer of the law is parked on the shoulder with lights a-flashin', all traffic is supposed to move to the outside lane, thereby creating a safe-zone for the officer of the law as well as any people otherwise just hanging out on the side of the interstate freeway.

We waited. As we waited, cars sped by, dutifully moving into the outside lane. We were pleased that the officer performed this service.

Suddenly, however, someone didn't switch to the outside lane. Officer of the law was upset, and took off after the thoughtless driver.

We continued to wait. I said, "You know, weren't we safer when the officer was sitting there with his lights on?"

Rudy: "Yep."

Me: "Oh well."

I stayed a few minutes more, then had to take off to make further wedding preparations. Thankfully, the tow truck showed up soon after I left, and Rudy was on four wheels once again.

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  1. Chris, Awesome post. Another memorable chapter in our friendship :) Had a lot of fun at your wedding; it was great to meet your's and Sara's families; and a great honor to be your best man. Hope you are doing well. Talk to you soon!