Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Bloggy Goodness on Cultural Subjugation

Delicious thoughts are now available at a new blog entitled "Always Reformed; Always Reforming." The author goes by the moniker "Virtual Circuit Rider."

An excerpt:
In this culture the gospel is subjugated, dominated, and expunged of every element that offends. In the end, to be Christian in the United States carries no risk and ultimately no meaning. It certainly isn't transformative. Why allow anything to change me?

We could learn a great deal I suspect from those orthodox Jews still stubbornly binding the word on their foreheads and from those Muslims so devoted to their prophet that they are willing to risk their lives declaring anathema the smug condescension of secular Europe. For what are Americans willing to die? For what are Christians willing to risk their lives? Nothing.

"A young lady said 'there is nothing worth dying for'... which means of course that one day she shall have the unpleasant task of dying for nothing." William H. Willimon
Well said. A belated welcome to the blogosphere, VCR!

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