Monday, February 27, 2006

Chant Church

The interior of Church of St. Anne, a 12th century church built near the Bethesda Pool, which is the place cited in the Gospel of John where Christ healed a paralytic. The pool itself also has ties to the Hellenistic healing Cult of Asclepius.


Chant Church
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"Saint Anne's acoustics, designed for Gregorian chant, are so perfect that the church is virtually a musical instrument to be played by the human voice. Pilgrim groups come to sing in the church throughout the day, and you, too, are welcome to prepare a song of any religion--only religious songs are permitted. The church's acoustics are most amazing when used by a soprano or a tenor solo voice."
I can attest to the acoustics, as a member of our party was invited to sign a song of praise. The sound was amazing.

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