Monday, October 24, 2005

Gender Gaps

I haven't posted here for way too long. I'll dive back in with a tidbit from Ms. Christine Rosen, who has written an insightful article for the Taste page of the Wall Street Journal:
Interestingly, Mr. Murrow notes that, among the major Christian denominations, it is the mainline churches that suffer the largest gender gaps in church attendance. These churches, still pilloried by feminists for their patriarchal pretensions, have in fact become spiritual sorority houses. It is the more conservative denominations, such as the Southern Baptists, that have the most even ratios. In these more traditional churches, many of which do not have female clergy, parishioners hear less about cooperation and feel-good spirituality and more about spiritual rigor and the competition to win souls. Churches that embrace male leadership, including the Roman Catholic Church, remain the largest in the country, and the Mormon Church, which also does not have female clergy, is the fastest-growing.
Very interesting. I was recently advised by a seminary professor to be sure to have a vibrant ministry to the men of whatever congregation I might one day lead.