Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tired Brains, Tired Bodies

We're now halfway through intensive summer Greek. So far, so good, but the intensive pace works it's mojo on one's mind. At the end of every day, I'm pretty worn out with new verb paradigms, vocabulary, etc. Fortunately, our class led by an excellent professor. Because Greek follows intensive Hebrew, the professor knows that we've developed a keen sensitivity about our progress with the language. Accordingly, he spends a notable amount of time during our lectures putting our minds at ease.

Interesting Greek trivia for today: Unlike English, there are over 27 ways of forming the definite article (e.g. "the") in Greek. The word chosen must agree in case, number, and gender with the noun/adjective/participle it modifies. Herewith is a table of definite articles, minus the vocative case (which we haven't yet learned), yielding 24:

The Definite ArticlesRemember: This is just the definite article. We've been reviewing and incorporating multiple noun declensions and verb forms as well. Whew!

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