Sunday, June 19, 2005

I am "It" - The Musical Baton

My buddy Don Nunn recently (well, a couple of weeks ago) "tagged" me with the Musical Baton. Here we go:

Total volume of music files on my computer: 20.57 GB, with few if any duplicates. I've only ripped about 1/2 of my music collection thus far.

The last CD I bought was: French Romantic Organ Favorites: A Souvenir Collection by the world renowned organist Angela Kraft Cross. Ms. Cross recently gave a recital on our seminary chapel organ, and I was pleased to purchase this CD directly from her. She is in the midst of a worldwide tour, and at the time of the recital her next stop was scheduled to be the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France.

Favorite song from the album (er, CD)? Probably the Toccata by Louis Vierne.

Song playing right now: I Play Chicken with The Train by Cowboy Troy (featuring Big and Rich).

Five songs I listen to a lot (or that mean a lot to me): Listed in no particular order.
Handing off to Sara.

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