Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Stuck on a Velcro Wall

Last Friday, the seminary community held a little to-do in the common area surrounding the student housing. The main attraction was an enormous velcro wall, orginally made famous by David Letterman.

I couldn't resist.
Moi Stuck on a Velcro Wall

Moi Stuck on a Velcro Wall

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Seminary Updates

A couple of developments have transpired over the past few days:
  • I received a passing grade on my first-ever seminary exam, a short-answer test on Church History. I missed one point because I failed to provide an orthodox response to Marcionism. I'm a bit frustrated about the mistake. I knew the answer, but was so concerned about the legibility of my handwriting that I forgot to double-check. Nonetheless, I'm thrilled with the result, because it gives me some hope that I still have some student left in me.
  • Second, I'm now one of two newly-elected Student Senators representing the Junior (first-year) class. A fellow junior graciously asked if I would like to be nominated. I responded affirmatively, and I'm deeply honored to have been given this opportunity to serve such a wonderful community.
Now, back to Calvin.

The Natives are Getting Restless

Do date, I haven't yet disclosed my position on Rathergate. Opps, I think I just did. He's totally busted, along with Mapes, Joe Lockhart, and these rest of the CBS/DNC/Kerry Memogate axis.

Glenn Reynolds notes that these ads are running during the CBS nightly news in some markets. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mark D. Roberts on Faith and Public Life

I was poking around Hugh Hewitt's blog today and read his post lauding the work of Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts. After perusing Mark's site, I enthusiastically link :: What Next? :: readers to his five-part series entitled "The Church and Politics in America."