Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We Made It!

We arrived in Austin at about 7:30 pm and immediately visited the Seminary to pick up the keys to my new pad. The apartment is surprisingly spacious, with hardwood floors and a tile bathroom. The kitchen is small but workable. The small workroom behind the kitchen is designed to accomodate a washer and dryer.

We're taking the night off for some margaritas and fun. Tomorrow is move-in day, and we want to get an early start when the weather is a bit on the cool side.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Arrived in El Paso

Hello from the Super 8 motel in El Paso, Texas. Great drive today, and we've been lucky to have unseasonably cool weather. We hit Carlsbad tomorrow, and we're all looking forward to the Caverns! More later.

Day 3 From the Road - In Phoenix

Well, the family and I are starting the third day of our five-day journey into Austin, TX. I'm composing this entry from the Big O tire store adjacent to the Super 8 motel we stayed in last night. Yes, we're here for a reason. When we returned to the hotel from dinner last night, I noticed that something had come loose in the front-end suspension in my car. Rather than make a small problem worse by putting on another 400 miles, we decided to come over to Big O first thing this morning to have the car examined and, if necessary, fixed up. We waiting for the Master Technician to arrive and put the car up on a lift. Convieniently, Big O has wireless internet in their waiting area. Kudos!

The last two days have gone by quickly. We met up with my sister yesterday evening in Long Beach, and we had a happy reunion with some of my father's old Navy buddies, Ron and Paul. The 15' Budget rental truck is performing very well, and other than this little hiccup with the car, there have been no problem. I suspect we'll be back on the road in the next two hours.

Pictures will be coming in the next day or so!