Friday, December 03, 2004

The "Mercy" of the Netherlands

More stinging satire at Scrappleface:
"Finally, the Dutch will be known for something more than tulips, windmills and wooden shoes," said an unnamed KNMG spokesman. "The Groningen Protocol will simplify all of our lives, end the overpopulation crisis and purify the human gene pool. When you think about it, it's really the ultimate solution."
More here.

Update: George Neumayr has written an excellent critique. See also the reader responses.


  1. Interesting link Drew ... it is indeed a slippery slope.

    BTW ... what do you think of Urban Meyer hightailing it down to Florida? Quadrupled his salary for the next seven years ... to bad ... it's hard to blame him. Stil losing good coaches to the "premier" programs is problem for all small programs.

  2. I'm disappointed in Urban Meyer's decision, because I thought there might be a chance that he would emulate the great Rick Majerus, who, despite annual rumors of his imminent departure, stayed at Utah until his heart forced him to retire.

    I'm nonetheless happy for Coach Meyer. Florida's $14 million, 7-year offer was impossible to ignore. I wish him the best success, unless the Gators somehow end up playing against Utah in the future. In that case, I hope we would be able to crush and humiliate him. :-)

    Speaking of crushing and humiliating your opponent, our seminary takes on the priestly wannabees from the neighboring Episcopalian seminary in the presigious "Polity Bowl". There are, as you can imagine, no coaching controversies associated with our team. Hmm. This is a flag football game, so perhaps "defrocking" is a better metaphor than "crushing and humiliating."

  3. Cool. Did you kick the Episcopalian butts? :) Seminary rivalries ... pretty funny. Good to see you guys keeping things lite.

    btw ... I bought something on Amazon through your link. Did you get any cash? Hope so!

    Good luck on finals ... which I think you are taking now or soon.