Saturday, November 20, 2004

Utah Wins 52-21: Say Hello to the BCS!

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. My mom's parents attended the University of Utah. My great uncle, Milton, earned three degrees at the U and became the Dean of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences. Both of my parents graduated from Utah. I graduated from the U with a degree in Management and an MBA. My sister graduated with a degree in Mass Communications.

We all bleed red, but my family's blood is of a much deeper hue. That is why I am ECSTATIC over this season's perfect 11-0 football record (the last undefeated season was in 1930). Congratulations to Coach Urban Meyer, Heisman candidate Alex Smith, and the entire Ute squad! With this win over the team from the South (Provo, Utah), the Utes will become the first non-BCS league team to appear in a BCS bowl. Whooo hoooo!

UPDATE: A slide show, courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The schedule.

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