Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Trip to Austin - Texas Capitol Dome Interior

An impressive edifice, the Texas State Capitol features an amazing dome. Click the image to navigate to a larger version. You should be able to make out the "Texas" letters surrounding the gold Lone Star. The Texas capitol is, naturally, the largest capitol building in the United States.

The complete set of pics can be found here.

Texas Capitol Dome Interior
Originally uploaded by whatnext.


  1. Great pics of your sister and parents. After reviewing each and every photograph, I'm not sure, are the Drew's for Bush?

    The sign is HUGE . . . !

  2. Thanks for your kind words about the pictures. Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. Killer photo ... is this the photo that you are going to enlarge?

  4. I hope so. I have the 8x10 "test" print and it looks pretty good.