Friday, July 23, 2004

Idiotic Spam

Content of a spam e-mail message received just now:
copolymer ligand supremacy efflorescent dod guillemot absolution descend anther ascribe escalate educate wield boniface sightsee supervisory bottleneck abe geyser destruct invertible injure derby daly chinamen flick hanna crosswise cockleshell chairman knotty decca clattery prepare aleck sandra abridge beater bonneville inoculate prophesy convect effluvium declarative australia resorcinol seaquake aromatic vale advisee acrimonious teeth dickey councilwoman univariate cerulean cookbook risk commiserate frown flatworm cast bracket countryside belgrade borderland inhabitation nebulous cataclysmic antiperspirant ...
... Etc. What is the point?


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Spammers often use garbage text like that to slip through a spam blocker. Looks like it worked! j/k! Just one of many tactics in their bag of tricks.

  2. But what's the point of slipping thru if it's gibberish? Maybe they're scams that old people (not me) fall for