Sunday, July 18, 2004

Good News Roundup

Writing for OpinionJournal, Arthur Cherenkoff has a great summary of the good news that has transpired in Iraq for the past fortnight. Says Cherenkoff:
In many ways, it now falls to the political blogs to do the work one would expect from the mainstream media--to provide a fair and balanced picture of situation in Iraq. It's the blogs that dig up the information, disseminate it, and bring to everyone's attention the more outrageous examples of media bias or carelessness with facts. As John Leo wrote recently, "What's new about the press is that so many people who follow it with a critical eye now have an outlet to howl about inaccuracy and partisanship. The big media used to be able to shrug off critics like this. Now they can't."
Long live the blog!


  1. If it wasn't for the alternative media -- AM radio, the Internet, & Fox -- we would have pulled out of Iraq a long time ago. That's why Kerry has no chance this fall. BTW, your supervisor Mark Leno is in a tizzy over Arnold's girlie-boy comments. I guess someone pushed Mark down on the playground once.