Sunday, July 04, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11: The Critical Rundown

Michael Moore professes his latest film to be a "documentary," but my definition of a documentary is obviously different from his. Accordingly, I'm posting links to several articles/blogs with facts that refute not only Moore's latest creation, but his previous ones as well:A book about Moore recently held the #4 bestseller spot on Amazon's "Top 100" list, and James Lileks is impressed, so far:
I want to get back to reading the “Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man” book. (Note: 89 pages into the book, the title remains the sole ad hominem remark. And even so it’s a winking reference to Moore’s own work, as well as Al Franken’s deathless tome on Limbaugh. I’ll say this for the Moore book: it’s brisk and deft, and avoids screedy polemics for one-on-one factual refutations of what the authors identify as Moore’s more egregious fictitions. I was piqued by the theory that Moore manipulated his confrontation with Mr. Heston in “Columbine” – the scene where he showed Heston a photo of a murdered girl and asked for comments. If the authors are correct, what Moore did was the same thing William Hurt’s character did in “Broadcast News” – manipulating a one-camera shot to make it seem as if it was a two-camera shot, and editing post-interview footage to make it look as if it was all one contiguous event.) Full review on Monday.
For those who may be interested in the other side of Michael Moore, you can procure the Hardy and Clarke book here.

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  1. Your postings are awesome...So rare (and refreshing)to find a conservative in this region. Keep it up!