Thursday, January 08, 2004


Mark Steyn, the "one-man global content provider," is at it again with a fantastic piece of work on the pending Dem meltdown:
It�s hardly my place to recommend to my Democratic neighbours which loser they nosedive into the briny with, but I have to say Kerry is by far the worst of the unDeans. When the White House chief of staff, Andrew Card, hilariously demanded that Kerry apologise to the American people for his undeleted expletive, the senator�s spokesperson, Stephanie Cutter, responded, �John Kerry saw combat up close and he doesn�t mince words when it comes to politicians who put ideological recklessness ahead of American troops.� In other words, f*** you. Kerry�s four-letter vocabulary works out in Oklahoma at two letters per polling point (he�s at 2 per cent). Why would he use such a word? Why would General Clark threaten to �beat the shit� out of somebody? I forget who � though, if I were Clark, I�d beat the shit out of my tailor: he has the worst suit of any candidate; it hangs off him like it�s six sizes too large. Either that, or the supposed white knight of the Democratic party is shrinking before our eyes literally and not just metaphorically.
Read the whole thing in The Spectator.

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