Friday, December 19, 2003


What ever happened to Saddam's crew of body doubles, now that the brutal dictator has been captured? Eric Gibson offers his thoughts (via
A Vegas gig would give the doubles a chance to expand their repertoire beyond stiff hand-waving and firing a rifle over the heads of a crowd. They could hang out with the Elvis impersonators, getting pointers on voice projection and hip swivels. Or they could join the cast of "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace Hotel, where look-alikes for Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe and other pop-culture icons mimic their greatest hits. Or they could take a leaf from the Three Tenors and play packed stadiums as "The Six Saddams."
I think David Letterman should recruit them for a recurring "Dancing Saddams" feature, a la the once-popular "Dancing Judge Itos".

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