Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Today, jurors in the trial against former-Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski viewed a video tape of an extravagant party help in honor of Mr. Kozlowski's wife. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports:
The weeklong event, which included a birthday party for Karen Mayo, Mr. Kozlowski's wife, cost $2.1 million. About half of the cost was paid by Tyco, the rest by Mr. Kozlowski...

...Judge Michael Obus sided with the defense about which scenes should be edited out of the tape and which accompanying still photos shouldn't be shown, saying many scenes -- including still images of guests "mooning" the camera or jumping into the pool -- were of "extremely marginal relevance" to the case...

...Later on the video, pop musician Jimmy Buffett performed his version of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl." Mr. Buffett was paid $250,000 for the appearance. The party ended with an archer firing a flaming arrow, which set off fireworks. In sparklers, a sign read "Congratulations Karen and Dennis."
Mr. Buffett was paid a quarter of a million bucks to entertain a whopping 75 guests.

You can check out a clip of the video here. Having now seen an excerpt of the video, all I have to say is this: Dennis Kozlowski is a horrible dancer.

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