Sunday, August 24, 2003


I predict that it will be only a matter of time before something idiotic like this happens in the Bay Area. The left-coast liberals have an insatiable appetite for your income (via the Seattle Times):
Foam or no foam, a latte in Seattle may soon come served with an extra dollop of taxation if city voters approve the dime-a-cup tax proposed for espresso drinks on the Sept. 16 primary election ballot.

The espresso-tax initiative � which would raise millions of dollars to go toward preschool and day-care programs � has attracted national attention, much of it incredulous.

Charging an extra tax on Seattle's iconic drink strikes some as weird, like a cheesesteak tax in Philadelphia or a jambalaya surcharge in New Orleans.

"When we heard about it we were just sort of stunned. We thought it was nuts," said Mike Ferguson, spokesman for the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
Remember, it's for the "children."

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