Wednesday, April 09, 2003


From James Lileks:
Allied troops liberated a children�s jail today.

I wish that sentence made no sense.

Someone had to decide there would be children�s jails. Who? Saddam? He had more important things to do. Children matter as much to his world as dogs, or lamps. He may have signed off on the idea of creating a youth brigade, and put a gold star in the dossier of the sweating toady who proposed the idea. When someone put forth a proposal for jails to hold the children who resisted joining the brigades, he may have felt that spasm of impatience that shoots through the dictator�s heart from time to time: why are you bothering me with this? Build them; I don�t care. You think this is the path to advancement? You want my ear and my eye, kill someone who matters.
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