Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Mark Steyn has really been on a roll. Here is his latest take on the ridiculous position the Liberal government finds itself in:
Meanwhile, I find myself in the unprecedented position of being temporarily the least immoderate adult in my household. My wife, who was born in England, says she's ashamed to be Canadian and wants to renounce her citizenship. She only became a citizen five months ago, so that'd rank as the fastest turnaround on record. The missus took her oath of allegiance to the Queen (of Canada) mainly out of spousal solidarity, and she feels suckered -- like when you sign one of those petitions in the mall without really looking at it and you're in the paper next day calling for the age of consent to be lowered to seven.

I tell her she's making too big a deal out of it, there are all kinds of fellows running around with Canadian citizenship, Somali warlords who happen to change planes in Toronto and figure hey, it can't hurt, can it? Qutbi al-Mahdi, the Sudanese Cabinet minister who played such a key role in the development of that country's impressive state torture system, is a Canadian citizen. I'm sure he's had moments where he's been ashamed to be one of us. The APEC conference, maybe. "Ha! Pepper spray? Call that government repression? You wimps!" The way to look on Canadian citizenship, I try to explain, is like, say, a points card for an obscure supermarket you keep in the back of the wallet just in case Loblaw's happens to be closed one day. That's how Qutbi sees it.
The National Post has the entire story.

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