Monday, April 08, 2002


I start this entry with a big "thank you" to Dan at Dan ran across What Next? while surfing around and was kind enough to give me, and the "What Next? Good Writing Contest," a plug at his website.

Dan's blog has a nifty feature that allows his readers to make shared comments on each of his postings. While visiting his website today, I noticed several comments on Professor Butler's award-winning bad writing entry. The comments are somewhat amusing, to wit:
Okay. Professor of Rhetoric, I can understand. But professor of Comparative LITERATURE? Please. I may shoot myself. The only thing I can pray is that this is some sort of cross-disciplinary excursion....that Dr. Butler is perhaps comparing her writing to....dadaist art. Or something. Because to think that this woman is helping form the minds of others--others who will be reading and critiquing MY writing--

--I shudder. Up against this, no wonder I'm working at a library. Does that sentence even have a PREDICATE? Jeezus.

Dan? Please shoot me. I beg of you.


-Apr 07 2002, 08:55 pm


I think it's a secretly coded interpretation of "Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle".


-Apr 07 2002, 11:39 am


Pour another cold one, this one may take a while...


-Apr 06 2002, 09:29 pm


All I know for sure is that it gave me a whopping headache.


-Apr 06 2002, 09:20 pm

By the way, Dan is a DJ for a great public radio jazz station in the Newark/New York City metro area, WBGO 88.3 FM (you can listen to the streaming broadcast here).

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