Friday, April 05, 2002


Anyone with have a normal, healthy mind should realize that Israel's struggle is directly linked to our War on Terrorism. The situation that Israel faces right now, in conjunction with the anti-Semitic violence in such "educated" and "tolerant" and "intellectual" places like France, should be a call to arms against all those "peace activists" who support the homicidal, gay-hating, women-oppressing radial Islamofacists. The President's words immediately after September 11th, and at yesterday's speech at the White House, are right on:
Everyone must choose; you're either with the civilized world, or you're with the terrorists
There is no middle ground.

I get so fed up with the mainstream press and their characterization of the President's remarks, which make him sound like he's completely caving to the admonitions of the "enlightened" Left. Why, when the President says something like this...
The Chairman of the Palestinian Authority has not consistently opposed or confronted terrorists. At Oslo and elsewhere, Chairman Arafat renounced terror as an instrument of his cause, and he agreed to control it. He's not done so.

The situation in which he finds himself today is largely of his own making. He's missed his opportunities, and thereby betrayed the hopes of the people he's supposed to lead. Given his failure, the Israeli government feels it must strike at terrorist networks that are killing its citizens.
...does President Bush's remarks get headlined like this?
President Demands Israel Withdraw from Occupied Territories
The New York Times calls Israel's action an "offensive". Yet the official name of the "offensive" in question is "Operation Defensive Shield." [Emphasis mine] This defensive designation is absolutely correct, as Israel's reaction was brought about by homicide-bombers who initiated killing operations against innocent Jewish citizens and fellow-Palestinians.

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