Sunday, April 14, 2002


Well, the 37th annual Atlanta Steeplechase at Kingston Downs went off without a hitch. Rain was the primary threat but, as it turned out, was a relatively empty one. In all, over 30 horses raced in five sponsored events. Betting isn't a "formal" part of the day's activities, but our little group made petty side bets amongst ourselves. I was fortunate to win one of the races, having picked a horse by the name curious name of "Najjm."

Bagpipes sang in the distance, with pig races and doggie drag racing (with Jack Russell terriers) the featured activities in the infield. As we sipped beer, sparkling wine, and at food, the soft sounds of bluegrass could be heard over the din of summer-dressed men in peach colored button-down shirts, accompanied by women wearing their fanciful hats -- a prototypical Southern event if there ever was one. I love visiting the South.

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